Saturday, January 23, 2010

College Essay

Chemistry has been the most interesting subject for me since I attended ninth grade. Even at that age I could realize the significance of this science for our life. Today, many of the students believe that chemistry is all about learning by heart, a person can find a strong sense of logic in it, which makes it easy for me to learn. However, studying only chemistry without applying it is a waste of money and time and that is why I decided to study chemical engineering because I will be able to apply what I have learned in my everyday life and work.
During the years spent in school I have gained knowledge in many various spheres that concern the subject that I have chosen-chemical engineering. During my first nine years of education I have studied mainly inorganic chemistry that helped me to understand the environment around us by looking at it through a different prospective. In tenth and eleventh grade I started studying subjects that concern my future education even deeper. Such subjects are Biology and Organic Chemistry. They are important for me because I can observe different processes that occur in the nature and in the human body, and explain them. I enjoy learning new information concerning the essence of the human body, nature and even the food that is prepared in the kitchen. In eleventh grade I made a step that gave me the base for studying chemical engineering in the future. This step was taking the AP Chemistry and SAT Chemistry. The preparation that I did for these two exams turned to be very helpful for me even at school. The results that I achieved made me more self-confident that I will be able to overcome the obstacles that I will face in my future education.
In order to be successful in his life, a person must have a strong sense of order. My work experience has taught me to schedule my work and to put everything in order when I need to. Two years ago I worked as a porter in a hotel in Sunny beach. There I spent the whole summer working and enjoying my growing up. I learned to help other people and even to take their responsibilities when needed and being a team member at all. The other part of my personality is my sport experience. I have practicing skiing for six years, tennis for seven years. I have been the captain of the school tennis team and learned to be the leader of the collective and to take responsibility for my decisions. My hobby for the last five years has been working out in a gym. During those years I learned to be strict and disciplined person.
I chose to study Chemical Engineering because it will expand my knowledge about Chemistry and its usage in life. I hope by becoming and engineer in this sphere to contribute for the better usage of nature’s resources in future.

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