Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Impressions of Prague

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and its citizens are proud that that has not changed since the beginning of Czech’s history. In the end of 2009 my family was wondering where to spend the last days of the year and the first days of the next one. I proposed Prague for our destination and everybody agreed. That’s how on 30th of December my family and I went to the capital of Czech Republic on a plane. After a short flight we arrived at the airport that is located ten kilometers away of the city. We took a bus and in fifteen minutes we were in Prague.
The first thing that we had to do was to get familiar with the city. We had a four hour walk with our guide that showed us the old part of the city that represented much of the history of the city and the country. I observed lots of landmarks that reminded me the differences and similarities between the Bulgarian and Czech nations. I expected that Prague is slightly bigger than Sofia, but it turned to be the opposite. The major similarity between the two nations is root of the populations. The Czech nation is composed exclusively of Slavic tribes, while Bulgarian nation is a unique mixture of all kinds of tribes and nations including the Slavic tribes. As we continued our trip in Prague I realized that I can barely hear Czech speech. It was full with tourists, mainly from China and Russia. At the end of our first journey in this city everybody was thirsty for beer- the most famous feature of the Czech Republic. That is why we went into the nearest restaurant to taste it and to have dinner because it was getting late. The beer actually deserved its reputation and the dinner was awesome at all. After the dinner we continued our trip to the hotel where we had our sweet and eagerly waited break.
We spent the next three days in nice walks around the city exploring lots of interesting things about Czech Republic and its culture and denizens. I hope to return to this charming city when it is little bit warmer and with friends of mine so it will be more interesting.

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